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Kreation trifft Produktion

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Innovationszentrum by MAIBOM

Show, Work, Create

Premium Finish

Innovations and Performance

For premium finishes. We are passionate about cotton materials and are proud to offer our customers the best quality finishes. To do this, we put our faith in the latest manufacturing processes, in innovation and in highly efficient logistics that are reflected in our speed and flexibility. This is quality through and through, and it has a name: Maibom. For premium finishes. Fast and creative.

Second generation.

As a second-generation family company we have been offering expertise, experience and lasting partnerships for more than 20 years. Productive and constructive working relationships are the foundation of our success. We have a corporate culture that is based on open and honest dialogue, on social responsibility and on sustainable practices. It’s how we shape the future as a family and as a business. For us and for our ever-reliable and expert employees. And, of course, for our customers. Maibom. First in finish. Personal and individual.

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Quality Finishes

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Fabric Finishes Made in Germany

Performance, Consistency and Workmanship

Our German site in Hamminkeln, North Rhine-Westphalia, is a reflection of our commitment to the traditional values of solidarity, reliability and loyalty. We are conscious of our role as a local employer and create added-value for the people and the economy of the region. For us, ‘Fabric Finishes Made in Germany’ is more than just an expression of enduring quality – it stands for performance, consistency and workmanship. Both for our European market and for the wider world. Reliable and enduring.